Streamlining email communication and branding: Liburnia Maritime Agency’s success with Google Workspace and Sign.UseWise™

Liburnia Maritime Agency, a leading regional transport and logistics provider, faced common challenges setting email signatures for multiple domains within their Google Workspace environment. Inconsistent branding and complex “send as” address management for Google Groups required an effective solution.

The challenge of multiple domains

With several offices across Europe, each with unique branding requirements, manually managing email signatures for all employees was challenging for the Librunia team. Each domain/office had its unique identity and branding guidelines, which must be reflected in their email signatures.

Liburnia extensively utilizes Google Groups for communication, with employees frequently sending emails from group addresses. However, managing “send as” permissions for users was a cumbersome and time-consuming process that often required IT support.

How Sign.UseWise™ improved brand consistency and communication

Liburnia’s search for a solution led them to Sign.UseWise™, a comprehensive email signature management application developed by Miadria. Sign.UseWise’s™ capabilities aligned perfectly with Liburnia’s needs, offering a centralized solution for managing email signatures and “send as” permissions across multiple domains.

The intuitive interface allowed Liburnia to easily create and customize different company profiles and email signatures for each domain. 

Furthermore, Sign.UseWise™ simplified the management of “send as” permissions for groups. Liburnia’s team can now easily manage permissions without requiring IT assistance or the need to involve end users in the process. They can also create custom templates for each “send as” address used by individual users.

Liburnia’s marketing team was happy to explore all the other features that Sign.UseWise™ has. One of the examples is a built-in marketing planner which allows you to strategically schedule campaigns around key industry events.

With Sign.UseWise™ app, Liburnia not only established brand-compliant email signatures across all domains but also ensured a consistent and professional image with every email sent.

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