Cost center planning automated and collaborative SaaS solution.



Efficient Planning Process

Efficient Cost Center Planning

Plan.UseWiseTM is a cost center planning SaaS solution that enables Controlling with the simple creation of the planning cycle and empowers multiple managers and line managers to collaborate in real-time on budgeting, expense allocation and reporting. Plan.UseWiseTM has transformed the efficiency of large corporations in the cost-center planning process.

Empowering Controlling

Empowering Controlling

CFO and Controlling can truly lead the business process and not be dependent on IT or consultants for support with implementing cost center business processes. They create and manage the entire planning process.

Business Needs Determine How and When to Plan

Business needs determine when and how to plan

In the old world, you were planning when and how you were enabled by IT tools. With Plan.UseWiseTM, Controlling and businesses can have top-down and bottom-up planning in as many cycles as they want and they can easily include all the employees that have some relevant information, making the cost planning complete and fast.

Fast and Simple Implementation

Fast and simple implementation

Implementation is easy and seamless. Once implemented, the application is ready to go. You are a few hours away from your first planning process with Plan.UseWiseTM.

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