What is Sign.UseWise?

Sign.UseWise is an email signature management software as a service that enables you to manage and deploy Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) email signatures throughout your organization and other aspects of the office productivity suite. 

It is the only app on the Marketplace that enables companies to create, manage and assign consistent email signatures to users, groups, organizational units, or domains.

Sign.UseWise is easy to install and integrates perfectly with Google Workspace, with all directory fields being automatically synced.

Additional features are domain health check and the support for Gmail Send As alias addresses. Sign.UseWise provides details about company domains, their expiration dates and email authentication methods implemented to help you improve your email safety and deliverability. Set and manage Send As alias addresses for users and groups, as well as signatures for those addresses.

Use the power of email signatures and make your brand stand out with our marketing planner – add and schedule clickable banners and create engaging marketing campaigns. 

Sign.UseWise is completely secure – we don’t read your emails or interfere with your mail flow and don’t have access to your SMTP configuration. Signatures are automatically deployed and don’t require end-user engagement.

Key features and benefits

Some of the most important features and benefits of Sign.UseWise are:

Managing signatures

Centralized management of email signatures – consistent email signatures across the company

Creating email signatures using template gallery or HTML editor with directory fields

Signatures that can be applied to specific groups of users, organizational units or domains

Marketing through signatures

Customizable data fields/attributes

Logos, photos, banners and social media links in signatures

Marketing planner – add banners and call to actions to your email signatures

Setting Send As

Support for Gmail alias Send As addresses

The ability to set and manage Send As addresses for users and groups

Many domains managed easier

Support for multiple domains 

Domain health check (MX records, SPF, DMARC, BIMI, DKIM)

Domain expiration reminders

Advanced features

Advanced user management – give admin or editor permission to a specific user

Special page for end-users that enables them to edit personal information and request a signature change

Support for email clients (Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird,..) – coming soon

Security embedded

Security and reliability – no routing or SMTP configuration needed

There are no proxies in between, signatures are part of the Gmail solution

How Sign.UseWise works?

Sign.UseWise is fully integrated with the Google Workspace directory – all your users, groups, domains and organizational units will be automatically imported to the Sign.UseWise app and synchronized with Google Workspace on a daily basis. 

  1. Sign in with your administrator Google Workspace account
  2. Install SignUseWise from Google Workspace marketplace
  3. Enter company details, create and deploy your signatures for users, organizational units, groups or domains
  4. Create Marketing campaigns to get the most out of your email signatures
  5. Optionally, Set and manage Send As addresses for users or groups