What is Plan.UseWise™?

Plan.UseWise™ app is a business application that helps companies to create and manage the entire planning and budgeting process, using familiar Microsoft 365 tools. 

With Plan.UseWise™ you can create numerous companies as separate planning entities within the solution, add the planning periods you need, organizational units and chart of accounts. Planning tables are shared with individual planners and they enjoy many features that make the planning process faster and more accurate. 

How to get started with Plan.UseWise™?

Plan.UseWise™ app is available on both Microsoft Azure and Microsoft AppSource Marketplace. To get started with Plan.UseWise™ app, go to usewise.app/plan365-usewise/ and select your marketplace from where you want to purchase the app – Microsoft Azure or AppSource marketplace. 

What size organizations and industries are the best fit for Plan.UseWise™ app?

Plan.UseWise™ app can be used by businesses of all sizes and types, with many cost centers. Whether you are running a small startup or a large enterprise, Plan.UseWise™ app will help you better organize an efficient cost center planning process.

Is Microsoft 365 license required to use Plan.UseWise™?

In order to subscribe to Plan.UseWise™, you need to have a valid Microsoft 365 or Azure subscription. Each user that will be included in the planning process must have Microsoft 365 business account – whether it is an application administrator or user from the controlling department that will set up the planning parameters or an end-user (direct or central planner).  

How the users access Plan.UseWise™ app?

Plan.UseWise™ app is accessed through a web browser, with Microsoft 365 business account that people use to access their email and other Microsoft 365 apps.  

What are the levels of access in Plan.UseWise™ app?

Plan.UseWise™ has multilevel access: the planning administrator is the person in charge of the application’s initial setup – installing the app from the marketplace, creating groups, adding logos, installing Excel add-in, setting culture settings and managing billing. 

The controlling administrator is in charge of planning process parameters – adding companies that will be included in the planning process, charts of accounts and cost centers tables, generating plans, and managing groups.

Planners (central and direct) are the users that will use Excel spreadsheets as input to enter data for a specific cost center.

Is Plan.UseWise™ app secure?

Plan.UseWise™ is built on top of Microsoft 365 and therefore security and privacy of Microsoft are embedded into our application.

Cost center planning

What is cost center planning?

A cost center is a department, function, or business unit within a company that incurs expenses or costs. Cost center planning is a type of financial planning that involves identifying and managing the costs associated with different business units or departments within an organization.

What is a chart of accounts?

A chart of accounts (COA) is a comprehensive listing of all the accounts used by a business or organization to track its financial transactions. In a typical chart of accounts, each account is assigned a unique account number, a name, and a description.

How are the cost center and chart of accounts used in the Plan.UseWise™?

Plan.UseWise™ provides a chart of accounts and cost center templates, that the controlling admin can upload and mark with x cost centers that are going to be planned by line managers or direct planners. Those tables are then used to generate planning tables. 

How the planning process function in Plan.UseWise™ app?

Once the Controlling team generates plans based on a chart of accounts and cost center structure, central and direct planners can access the app and see the list of companies they have access. They can start planning by using Excel tables that are generated by Plan.UseWise™ app.

How many plans can be generated using Plan.UseWise™?

Controlling admin can create multiple plans, but note that only one plan can be active. Other plans can be archived and changed to active if needed.

Can we import planning data into Plan? UseWise™?

Yes, planners can work in the desktop version of Excel and import data in CSV or XLSX format to the planning table using built-in Plan.UseWise™ Excel add-in. 

How can controlling keep track of the planning process?

Controlling has access to all planning spreadsheets, but also can monitor summary reports on each level and for the entire organization. 


What are the pricing plans available with Plan.UseWise™?

Plan.UseWise™ is billed per user and has several pricing plans available:

  • Monthly: $75.00/user/one-time payment
  • One-year: $300.00/user/one-time payment
  • Two-year: $550.00/user/one-time payment
  • Three-year: $675.00/user/one-time payment

Is there a limit on the number of users of Plan.UseWise™?

The maximum number of users (controlling, direct and central planners) is 10000. 

Can I change the number of Plan.UseWise™ users?

Yes, you can change the number of users in app settings, where you can find a link to the Azure portal from where you can manage your Plan.UseWise™ subscription.