Customer success: Enhancing the power of Google Workspace with Sign.UseWise™

Since Sign.UseWise™ app was published on the Google Workspace marketplace, we are happy that so many companies are using it to transform the way how they manage their Google Workspace email signatures and office productivity suite. We are getting some amazing feedback from our clients that we would like to share with you.

One of those companies is Alter Modus, a microcredit financial institution based in Podgorica, Montenegro. They shared with us their story about how Sign.UseWise™ resolved some common problems regarding email signature management.

They didn’t have any centralized solution and the admin had to go from one person to another to manage email signatures. It was a time-consuming task and by the end of the day, you still couldn’t tell whether everything was in place and that those email signatures were in line with your company branding guidelines because each employee could modify it if they wanted. 

Sign.UseWise™ enabled Alter Modus to easily create and set email signatures for all employees from a single dashboard. They discovered that the app is very user-friendly and has lots of features they can use not only for email signature management. Signatures can be applied to users’ primary and Send As addresses, meaning that one user can have a different email signature for each address that he owns. Moreover, administrators can create additional send as addresses with Sign.UseWise™ built-in capabilities. 

In Alter Modus, they say that they were looking for an email signature solution, but with Sign.UseWise™ got much more than expected.

 “Signature set up is just the first step, we are happy to discover all other features that Sign.UseWise can offer, like implementing marketing strategies in email signatures”, says their Manager of Information technology service, Petar Lagator. 

Learn more about how one solution can help your company build brand image, improve sales figures and reduce manual tasks – more about Sign.UseWise™ on this link.

Customer success: How Xheko Imperial improved email signatures and domain reputation with Sign.UseWise™

Xheko Imperial Hotel is a luxury premier boutique hotel located in Tirana, Albania. The hotel was established in 1992. and since then it hosted numerous ambassadors, directors of state, diplomatic corps, artists, and international businessmen. Hotel management is doing a great job in keeping the sterling reputation and brand perception amongst clients and customers. However, to achieve brand awareness and consistency in email signatures, they needed the proper solution that would enable centralized control over company email signatures. 

Like many other companies, Xheko Imperial also had issues with finding the right solution to create and deploy company-wide email signatures in a simple manner. Since they are new to Google Workspace, learning more about DNS records responsible for safe email delivery, was essential to them, to keep the communication with guests and clients smooth and efficient. 

Their admin came across Sign.UseWise™ app and was surprised to see how feature-rich the app was. Sign.UseWise™ enabled Xheko Imperial to take control of their branding and email signatures and create templates for each user primary or send as address with just a few clicks. Their admin checks the domain registrar name, expiry date, and status of DNS records such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI using the Sign.UseWise™ domain health check tool. The process of setting new send as addresses is much easier now since it can be done within Sign.UseWise™ app and it does not require end-user engagement at all.

“Setting signatures for each address that the user owns was never this easy. Thanks to the domain health check feature of Sign.UseWise™ we have all our DNS records properly set which adds that essential layer of security to our emails”, says their Google Workspace administrator, Agron Novoberdaliu. 

Although it is perfect for marketers, Sign.UseWise™ was also built with Google Workspace administrators in mind. The app goes beyond email signature management and offers features that will make their everyday tasks in the admin console much easier.

Customer success: Branded and standardized email signatures in no time

With email being the number one communication tool in business, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are using it as a marketing channel to promote their services and strengthen their brand image. Email signature marketing has proven to be one of the most effective strategies that a company can implement to reach its potential customers and leads.  

Kiro Dandaro is a company based in Bitola, North Macedonia that has over 45 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry and produces a huge variety of high-quality and cost-effective options to meet food and non-food requirements.

As a manufacturing company, Kiro Dandaro uses any channel available to expand their reach. They needed the right tool to promote their marketing campaigns and activities in the email signatures as well. Another challenge was email signatures that were not in line with company branding guidelines, so every employee had their version and design that the admin could not affect. 

In response to current trends and needs in marketing and promotion, Miadria developed a solution that can be used by any company to improve sales figures and strengthen its brand image. With Sign.UseWise™, Kiro Dandaro managed to create unified and professional email signatures that match their branding colors, with their official logo, as well as links to social media. Sign.UseWise™ marketing planner is used to create inviting campaigns that draw attention to Kiro Dandaro’s website, social media, and services.

Their head of prepress, Slobodan Ristevski was delighted to see how he managed to do so much with just one tool in a short period of time. With branded and standardized email signatures, always up-to-date user and company data, and scheduled marketing campaigns, Kiro Dandaro is seamlessly creating a brand impression and spreading its reach with every email sent.