Customer success: How Xheko Imperial improved email signatures and domain reputation with Sign.UseWise™

Xheko Imperial Hotel is a luxury premier boutique hotel located in Tirana, Albania. The hotel was established in 1992. and since then it hosted numerous ambassadors, directors of state, diplomatic corps, artists, and international businessmen. Hotel management is doing a great job in keeping the sterling reputation and brand perception amongst clients and customers. However, to achieve brand awareness and consistency in email signatures, they needed the proper solution that would enable centralized control over company email signatures. 

Like many other companies, Xheko Imperial also had issues with finding the right solution to create and deploy company-wide email signatures in a simple manner. Since they are new to Google Workspace, learning more about DNS records responsible for safe email delivery, was essential to them, to keep the communication with guests and clients smooth and efficient. 

Their admin came across Sign.UseWise™ app and was surprised to see how feature-rich the app was. Sign.UseWise™ enabled Xheko Imperial to take control of their branding and email signatures and create templates for each user primary or send as address with just a few clicks. Their admin checks the domain registrar name, expiry date, and status of DNS records such as SPF, DKIM, DMARC, and BIMI using the Sign.UseWise™ domain health check tool. The process of setting new send as addresses is much easier now since it can be done within Sign.UseWise™ app and it does not require end-user engagement at all.

“Setting signatures for each address that the user owns was never this easy. Thanks to the domain health check feature of Sign.UseWise™ we have all our DNS records properly set which adds that essential layer of security to our emails”, says their Google Workspace administrator, Agron Novoberdaliu. 

Although it is perfect for marketers, Sign.UseWise™ was also built with Google Workspace administrators in mind. The app goes beyond email signature management and offers features that will make their everyday tasks in the admin console much easier.